Got an Itch?

Well not literally.. of course not !  How does it matter to anyone if you have an itch or not.. after all it’s your itch ..

What I mean here is do you have the ‘itch’ which you had years ago ?

.. Do you still wish you played that cricket match with the local kids,  tried out your hand with that remote controlled plane, flew a kite on a hot summer afternoon, splashed in the pool and swam for hours, hit the gym when you’re 30+, rode a bicycle when you have a Merc parked in your garage, ran that marathon just for the heck of it, learnt French for no reason, went out and helped those orphans learn something new today ..

The Itch List is endless.. only restricted by your thoughts.. I wonder how many of us genuinely try to give some time to ourselves and be selfish to realize and live these small dreams .. Do we even think these are worth the effort ?

I go back to myself at times and cross off items from my itch list .. what about you? What’s your itch.. and is it still in the itch list?

Or have you….?????????

Thoughts, Inputs & Comments welcome..

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