Talli – Well most of us know what the word means, and if you are thinking this is a Hindi term you are mistaken.Talli is born, bred and brought up Punjabi. The word means “Drunk”. Though as Shakespeare said “what’s in a name?” be it ‘talli’, ‘tunn’, ‘drunk’, ‘madua’, [Nationally] or bu, drunken, ólta [Internationally]; we feel at the top of the world, fearless, sportive, rocking and in control.

I dedicate this column to the days when our nation calls it a “dry day”. The day might be dry but it fills tears in our eyes since we did not build the stock in time. There are days when we know it’s going to be dry and others when it’s a sudden unpleasant surprise. Elections for example – they seem to be just another quarterly activity. But apart from the normal dry days the government makes you abnormally sad for you do not know if the beer & english wine shop would be open or not.

Special thanks to Gagan, Kaushik, Gaurav, Yogi & Anupam for inspiring me to write this column.This section is not going to give you innovative ideas of how to stock or the nearest thekka (Wine Shop) or brewery location. What we have thought instead is to inspire you to stock for the days when the spirit isn’t made available to us officially.

That’s called to spirit yourself with the Spirits :D … the literal sense of Inspired Spirits.. he he.. are you listening Anupam ?

Oops !!! Silly me I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Sashikant, hic… (the guy on the left in the above pic) along with my talli friend from work, Gaurav (on the right).
Yes I’m the famed Gadgets Guru.. hic….;)

LIST OF DRY DAYS, DELHI INDIA : http://www.delhi.gov.in/wps/wcm/connect/5cfcfe8040c5610ab44dbe9bd169ec4a/Dry+Days.pdf?MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=5cfcfe8040c5610ab44dbe9bd169ec4a&Dry Day List 2010

You need to have adobe reader to view the file from the link above.

Popular Drinks Every Bartender Should Know : http://cocktails.about.com/od/outonthetown/ss/bartend_memory.htm

That’s not the end to it if you think so… Once drunk what’s next ??????????? Here’s what happens ! (I admit I’ve picked it up from somewhere – but do I give a Rat’s a$ ? I guess not !)

1. Tu to Mera bhai hai…bhai !!! ~ You are my brother !

2. You know i am not drunk…

3. Gaadi mein Chalaunga… ~ I’ll drive the car

5. Tu bura mat maann bhai… ~ Don’t mind it my brother

6. Mai teri Dil Se Izzat Karta hu… ~ I respect you from the bottom of my heart

7. Abe bol daal aaj usko, aar yaa paar…. ~ Just say it today mate – do or die !

8. Aaj saali Chad nahi rahi hai kya baat hai?? ~ This @#$@#@ is not making me feel drunk today, what’s up?

9. Tu Kya samajh raha hai mujhe chad gayi hai… ~ You think I’m drunk?

10. Ye mat samajh ki peeke bol raha hu… ~ Don’t think I’m speaking after drinking..

11. Abe yaar kahin kam to nahi padegi itnee… ~ Oh my friend, I hope it’s not inadequate..

12. Chhote, Ek Ek Chhota aur ho Jae…lovely waala !!! ~ Hey you little one, let’s have one little peg each, the ‘lovely’ way

13. Baap ko mat Sikhao… ~ Don’t teach father how to..

14. Yaar magar tune mera dil tod diya… ~ But my friend you’ve broken my heart..

15. Kuchh bhi hai par saala Bhai hai Apna… ~ Whatever he is but he’s my brother..

16. Tu Bolna Bhai, kya chahiye…Jaan chahiye hazir hai ??? ~ You tell me brother what you want.. you want my life, here it is !

17. Abe mere ko aaj tak nahi Chadee…shart laga saala aaj tu.. ~ I’ve never been high , let’s bet today .. I’m not drunk

18. Chal teri baat karata hoon usse, phone number de uska… ~ Come on mate- today I’ll make you speak to her, give me her number

19. Saale teri bhabhie hai wo…bhabie ki nazar se dekh usko… ~ You a$@#@@#$, she’s your friend’s wife. Don’t eye her

20. Yaar tu samjha kar.. wo tere layak nahi hai… ~ My friend you should understand – she’s not fit for you !

21. chal bhai tu kah raha hai to tere liye chodh diya usko.. aaj se wo teri…bana issi baat par ek – ek aur peg !!! ~ Okay my brother if you’re saying I’ll leave her, from today she’s your’s. Let’s have a toast !

22. Tujhe kya lagta hai chadh gayi hai… abhi ek full aur khatam kar sakta hun… ~ You think I’m drunk? Nah, I can drink the whole bottle after this !

and the best one…

23. Yaar aaj uski bahut yaad aa rahi hai ~ My friend, I’m missing her so much today..

And Finally…

Salla… aajse daru band…….. …….!! ~ Shit man, no booze from today !

I won’t be surprised to find people who don’t like my logic but hey… when you are high who cares if your logic is bought or not, just get me another beer please… :D Depending on the number of hits, I might be actually interested to post the name of the locations where you can easily access Madira (alcohol) during after hours or on dry days.

May the Spirit be with you.

D i s c l a i m e r : Please note the content available is purely based on my thoughts, perceptions and opinions and in no way demeans any religion nor is aimed at influencing others thoughts, perceptions or opinions. If you don’t agree to what I have written you have every right to close the browser window and not come back to this section again.

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