Tum.. Translated..  
You..You’re the golden poem written on the pages of my life, 

You’re the blossoming crop in the fields,

Just look at yourself from my eyes,

My Mumtaz, you’re my TajThat first shower of the springs, you’re that sweet bite of winters,

You touch the shadows of my heart, you’re that crazy wind,

You’re the flower that blooms in the springs,
What should I say to you, for me you’re the skyShadows of my dreams, you’re my unsung song,

You’re the ritual of every happy moment of my life,

You dissolve in my life like a sweet thirst,
My flute, my ’shehnai’, you’re my music..  

DISCLAIMER : Though there’s been an attempt, the translation in English might not rhyme as the original one in Hindi above does..  

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