Sher O Shayri

4 November 09

Jab chaand falak par aata hai,
Ye waqt na tanha hota hai,
Par chaand ki tanhai main, tare toh tim timate hain,
Aur suraj chain se sota hai, par waqt kisi ka na hota hai..

Us ashiq se puchiye, jisne rah dekhi hai

dinashee ki,
Ki raat ho ya din, har lamha kaise
guzarta hai ..
Aankhen bhi rukhi ho jati hain, jab waqt
bewafa hota hai..

In my Soul..

20 October 09, 1.20 am..

Moments are many,
Stories are funny,
Some make you smile
And some lay sadness a mile !

Like a twinkle in my eyes,
born is a dream every night,
precious are the feelings
that my heart shares,
but in a glance, it vanishes into air !

If good times didnt last forever,
bad ones wont either,
Though I will still sit and wonder,
what happened to us out there !

Long are the days,
when I think of you,
Remember your touch
and feel the truth…
That we were meant to be together,
just our own fears tore us apart !

Living apart, though still within,
my eyes wander in my soul,
I find you there, staring at me
behold …. !

Feelings are strong,
So I feel… dont know, if the feeling is mutual in real !

For every night has a day,
My heart grows fonder of you each day !

A Poem I wrote..

14 March 07, 11:10 pm..

A light in dark,
my soul stands,
in depth of words,
my voice sang,
a song that only,
a loner can sing,
coz life is such a,
lovely dream…!!


23 January 05, 1.50 am..

The feeling is so deep,
yet motionless I sit,
with nothing in my hand,
though awake I sleep…

I dream the day of tomorrow,
though today doesn’t seem real,
I feel the life racing through,
and I cant even change a gear…!

The bygones were never gone,
and the future has its irony,
faded are the thoughts,
bizzare is the scenery.

Yet I dared to dream,
the dream of reality,

though far-fetched are the thoughts of life in totality!
If I could get it all,
the alice would have lived,
the wonderland would have been true,
and the dreams would be reality…!


3 Feb 2010, 2:10 pm..

Like a breeze that refreshes soul,
you came into my life…twisting, turning it all,
clueless I stood and took a chance…
Didnt know where I was heading,
In shades of darkness and light, I took a glance!

Heart could tell, but words couldnt speak,
Little dreams that Closed eyes could see,
The smile that always made me strong,
Today I see that loves goes around…

Wish that time could hold…
The moments we spent, yet silence was lit,
when hearts did speak !!!
I’ll miss you when I sleep,
I’ll miss you when I wake up…
I’ll miss you with each breath,
Till the darkness is lit up with our souls in our heart !

Lonely Streets..

6 April 10, 11:03 pm..

Some empty streets, some lifeless leaves,
When I look back, the past can see,
Not every memory is bright,
Not every smile brings a light….

Sometimes you are rendered alone,
Just to watch the wind blow,
The perfect world painted in front of you,
Where you lived and love was around you,
Somewhere it got lost in a flash,
The light became dim and the streets became sad !

No sign of life left around you,
the misty dew of morning had become clouded few !
Time goes by and never returns, it’s a clock unturned !

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