What my True Feeling says
Man, you have started thinking from your heart….
My True Feelings Says
The day I saw her first time
From that only day she became mine…Suddenly my love life started
Earlier I was a simple n single hearted….
My heart got a serious love crash.
Now People start saying what happened to “Mr. Vaish”….I don’t know how I started loving someone deep from my heart
But Suddenly I found she became Queen of my heart.
I don’t know so much about her.
But it is true that I like her…

A Few things I know about her, that
She has completed her Post Graduation successfully.
But still I am falling under bachelor’s category……..
I also want to come out from the bachelor’s shoes
She is the one that I finally choose.

She is wearing a white stone in her finger.
Now I have become a poet and a singer…
One day she left her fragrance
And whenever I smell it again, I feel her appearance.
So many times I waited for her on the railway station
Why not after all she is God’s beautiful creation……..She has a very Charming Smile
But still she is away from me so many miles….
From my home, she is very far
In between us so many people, buses, bikes and carsI don’t know how she came into my life..
I think, for my parents she will be the perfect daughter-in-law and for me a beautiful wife.
I can do anything for her
Now you can find me praying in Temple, Mosque and Church.

God gave me a confidence that she will become mine
But still I am not getting any message or love sign.
I hope after reading these lines, she will give me any sign of scope
That’s my only Hope.. That’s my only Hope…
What my True Feeling says
Finally I shared truly with you…

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