14 November 09

As I sat down in front of the PC to write, I know I am hardly going to make sense in what i will say (and what else is new?) and also don’t have any particular idea in mind to write about. So think of it as a bunch of random , not-so-interesting thoughts put together.

I’ve always been curious and intrigued to think WHY do people do not really follow their instincts more, why do people feel like doing something in a social situation, and then not do it, for the fear of ridicule, why can’t I dance funny in the middle of office if I feel like whenever I feel like? WHY and WHEN did social acceptance become a more important and desirable quality than happiness? Isn’t that what people always wanted. I guess, there is a meaning to the routine, the supression of urges. But until now it has escaped me. I am not even talkin about the anti-social ones like crime, violence or hate. I am just talkin abt the lil sweet harmless joys we supress like laughing out loud in public, making a fool out of yourself (and enjoying it!) and playing with toys meant for 6 years old. Why the sneers, remarks and hostility for that?

Also, i just realized that i DONT like mobile phones, SERIOUSLY ! I will continue using one, because although I know I could probably survive without one, I am too chicken to take the step. My point is that life was so much simpler without them….people wouldn’t worry so quickly, you wouldnt have nagging telecallers, it wasn’t easy for your mum or your gf to spy on you. On the whole, life was more laidback. I’ve noticed the same technology to make life easier for you, (eg: Email, Cellphone, MORNING WALKER, Sauna belt, I wont say the internet, i LOVE IT)…..has made it so more hurried and stressful. There is no place for the good ol’ excuses, expectations are so much higher, competition has grown so much larger and AS A RESULT people have become so much meaner, not to mention indifferent….

Anyways, I guess I am just lazy. Or maybe born in the wrong age. Or Just plain stupid. Or…..I dont know, you tell me !!

With this article I’ve begun the section below where you can write your heart out on what YOU feel bout what I’ve said. Go ahead – let that keyboard talking Or write to me at kanwar.sodhi@gmail.com

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