Interesting thing happened today. Was in the strategic management class…and our professor went on about how some of the IIM pass outs have all the data of about 80 something companies including figures from their latest balance-sheets, their profitability ratios, their recent acquisitions and mergers…yada yada yada. IMPRESSIVE…everyone thought…sure, but is it really? i mean sure maybe they took memory pills and crammed all those figures in real good, but how does it make them anything more than data-spouting tape recorders (or to be more with the times…MP3 recorders , encoders…watever)

There is a lot of emphasis on standardisation, quality control, mass production….and we seem to apply these same concepts on the HUMAN RACE TOO! Individuality, uniqueness, creativity, rebellion, a mind of our OWN…..BAAH! These things are for ARTISTS, they say. About 5 GIANT financial services organisations either went bankrupt or were saved by The American Govt with gazillions of the American taxpayers money. I heard some of the so called “financial experts” discuss this Debacle on the news and i swear on Dear god…….they were really speakin some other language with some words of english thrown in….I mean, I cant imagine these guys could have actually been doing some real work cuz I wud imagine them givin all the time coming up with those words. MY POINT is…..what Connect did they ever have with the common investors? Are they really even that important? Aren’t we already creating robots before the AI age has even taken off…..I sometimes feel like one.

Pretty much every aspect of our lives are guided by factors nothing to do with OUR satisfaction …..everybody else’s but ours. i am not advocating anarchy….not even free will, But just some freedom of self expression, i hope for a world that does not seek a perfect fit for their requirements when it comes to EACH OTHER. Believe me….there will be a pleasant surprise in store. Because you, me , him, her, they…..we all are a lot more interesting and productive when we aren’t expected to know the latest sales trends of XYZ company.

Its not worth losing yourself to FIT IN….whether it be in the cool crowd in school, to get that 9am-10pm job, or to impress that girl who doesn’t think you are her kind (she’ll find somebody….so will YOU, move on)

Love yourself, and accept others for who they are and what they are. Life would be a better and a more stimulating experience for it.

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