If any of the views expressed in this post offends someone or pisses off somebody enough to make them want to kill me….i DIDNT DO IT !
It was the voices in my head…..mujhe MAAF kar do, dont place a fatwa on me or stab me with a Trishul, it would be highly appreciated.

OK lets get on with it.

You know WHAT, by far, was MANS worst invention…..no it wasnt the the manhole (MANHOLE….haha, funny word) although it comes close. IT IS religion. i have no doubt about it.

Dont get me wrong…am a believer in god (atleast most of the time) and i think FAITH is something v should have…it gives purpose and makes peoples resolves stronger and pushes them towards greater things. it also provides a comfort and a pillar to lean on during bad times.

But religion does no such thing. And i think , unfortunately too often people mistake religion for faith and thats where they allow them to be led astray. Here is a short list of what religion has contributed to society: narrow minded thinking, absurd traditions and mindless rituals, dirty politics, obstacles to scientific growth, unsecular activities driven by a false sense of superiority and probably each war this planet has faced has on some level or the other has been influnced by religious differences used by political and fundamentalist forces.

Now…u would say that \” But religion provides a source or link to connect with god or higher being out there\”….but i think all good people dont really NEED that link. Each and every one of us does and can communicate directly with him/her (dunno gods gender) without ever having to go to gurudwara, mosque, temple or church….as they say god is everywhere. so i treat him as a friend and talk directly to him.

My Biggest problem with religion is how trivial religion is sometimes and how lil choice we have over it. when i was old enough to understand wat was happenning around me and grasp language…my parents told me my name is Kanwardeep sodhi and i am a sikh…thats how i become a SIKH? if they had told me i was Muhammad ali and i am muslim , i would have become muslim and probably not the greatest boxer of all time.

I am sounding preachy…aint i? well wat i am trying to say that religion has always been used as a tool…to get people to kill each other, to wage wars, to win votes….and most unforgivably, to ban some really cool movies.

IF u really wanna follow somethin….follow music, culture, and if u r female and pretty, Follow me!

P.S. Although i dont like religions…i really like some of the gods…Like lord shiva gives me the impression of this really cool guy whos a biker with long hair and a stubble crusing on a harley with leather jacket-shacket and all that style. And HanuMann gives me the impression of a strong Jat munda on a gypsy with a wry sense of humor.

Infact i can write a whole blog on my versions of the gods….well maybe next time. more of that later.


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