I am gonna write a song and it wont rhyme, But if it does , is that a crime? WooHooo….

I,ll speak of pretty things and funky dreams . yeah, i am crazy or so it seems. WoooHooo…

I,ll be so random and so strange, wud u like to have an apple or an orange? WoooHoooo….

Its a freaky lil world that i live in, its kinda like a very pretty dustbin. WooHoooo……

HEY! i am a genius…..and u should bow to ME, HEY! would u shut up now and get me some iced tea.

I,ve got pretty eyelashes and hairy legs, and i love eatin chicken but dont eat eggs. WooHoooo…..

I make strange sounds and crazy faces, and sometimes when i write, i dontleavespaces. WooHooo….

Here i go again, poking at your head, and by the end of it , YOU,d wish that u were dead. WooHooo…..

HEY! I am genius….and u should bow to ME. HEY! Come here, You lucky thing, I will smack you good for FREE!

I,m the Master of My world and i,ll do as i please, Be it hidin in the bush or climbing up the trees. woohooo…..

I,ve been where no man has gone before, but now am back and i,m a little sore. OOHOOOO….

I can read your mind when u hate this blog. Really, i dont care, so go kiss a frog. WOOHOOO

HEY! I am a genius and u should bow to ME. HEY! i am done with this, now i,ll go and pee!

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