Of great khali and ITEM GIRLS and all things grand..

As me and millions plunk down their behinds in front of the grandest invention since bread (sliced or otherwise), the TV, none of us really have any expectations out of it excpet maybe a cpl of hours of watching half naked women on beaches, rooftops, hills, roads….ppl blowing guns in houses, offices, barns, monastries….scheming women in one soap operas, lecherous men on another (in other words, a couple of hours of GOOD, CLEAN FUN).

But until about say 5 years ago…when i switched to a news channel….which ofcourse would after my dad snatched away the remote control, i would expect an intellectual, unbiased and dignified reporting of events arond the World. Of course, i like many other people, kept myself updated and then went back to the good old obsecnity (physical and mental) doled out to us on every other channel.

Not anymore, the news channel 2day has undergone a metamorphosis that would make a caterpillar(0r for that matter, butterfly) envious and send it scrambling back into its cocoon…….gone r the days of the boring old, Responsible journalism and well researched , understated and trustworthy news. SANSANIKHEZ now is the name of the game…..and everybodys playing it. Kids fallin into holes, b-grade celebrities shoutin it out in public, the neighborhood affair between Sharma ki ladki and Gupta ka ladka …..its all Manna from heaven for the new, supposedly improved, news channels….khabar brought to u as it happens (hoohoohaha) complete with reconstructions using the cheapest actors money can buy.

Obscenity, sensationalism, plagiarism. all issues that traiditionally were the knell of death for responsible media have infact become the mantras that it lives by…..missed out ur fav show on tv….fikar not, BHARAT TV will show u whole sequences of it PRIMETIME…missed ur favourite comedians stand-up act?, KHABAR TODAY will show it u under the caption SHAKEEL ke LADOO…but..over and over and ever again…until u cant take him anymore.

sure , i can complain about it but i have the power of thr remote control and if i really feel like watchin some ACTUAL news…i can always watch NDTV..which does seem to try and stay genuine inspite of probably having the puppets as their major attractions. plus sunetra choudhary, one fo their anchors, is sooo HOT (did i write Hot?….i meant attractive in a dignified way).

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