Colours of my Life

How radiant and immaculate

Are the colours of my life, I can’t state

Let me try to put it in words

And portray in a few verse

When I was a child, the life was new

Like green leaves soaked in dew

I lived to the fullest in reality and dream

Without anger and self-esteem

Then I grew up to be a vibrant youth

Upholding the values of peace and truth

Creating harmony with all my might

Came the purest colour which is white

Love was the next phase with its colour red

And I couldn’t resist, but move ahead

The feeling was devine and so true

But fathomless like the ocean’s blue

Now I am old, yellow and pale

Like a boat which has finished its sail

But I serve as a beacon of light

Guiding others to the path that’s right

This is the story of my life my friend

With each colour in perfect blend


There is a mountain in front of you

The conquest of which is still due.

Those who climb will be a courageous few

In terms of numbers: one or two.

People tried and lost half way

That is what others had to say

Men looked at it in sheer dismay

And like an obstacle the mountain still lay.

Climb alone with physical strain

Enduring all hardships and pain

People might call you insane

But success will be yours to gain

Finally a day will arrive

The day when you don’t have to strive

And towards you victory will drive

Like honey from the bee-hive

When you will be declared won

I have an advice my son

Arrogance is what you have to shun

And you will glow like the morning sun


Countless silver waves of the river

Sparkling like diamonds in the sunset

Reminds me of the time that has gone

And the precious moments of the dawn

Memories are still fresh in my mind

Of the hours I spent beside the river so kind.

Silent resolutions I made to myself

That I will discover my true self

Cool breeze brought the memories of the past

When great dreams were hidden in my heart

Moments I felt time cease to proceed

Looking at the waves that rise and recede

Time without beginning I knew this river

And its pristine waves that I revere

All my life it showed me the way

inspiring throughout night and day

I wish I could go back and trace

Those moments I spent in solace.

And stay there for the life that remains

Forgetting all worries and pains

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