Anupam and I went to the 2010 Auto Expo held at the Pragati Maidan Exhibition Grounds in New Delhi.

They say “go green”…so I used the metro & so did the whole world to reach Pragati Maidan. Well that’s the craze of automobiles…from Bollywood to Bihar, everyone wants a “dekho” of new models.

Just when I thought that the “business pass” would be of some saving grace (when I looked at the crowd thronged near gate 7). Guess What!! That was the line for the coveted business hours. Auto Expo carries the laurel of being the largest expo in Asia but in terms of crowd management, ticketing facilities or even basic expectation of having a exhibition list layout plan…all of it was up in the air.

But was it worth the effort? Enter the pavilion & you tend to forget most of the agony when the BMW’s, Merc’s, Jaguars et all stare you @ your face.

Go ahead click on the pic’s to re-live the moment.

The images are as of now on Picasa as am running out of server space.. soon you’ll see it all on !

Hold your breath for…”Auto Expo Déjà vu”   ….Coming Soon!!

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