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This one is for the gamers – Computers are an integral part of our lives, whenever we talk about computers, often theres a mention of computer games

We look back at some of the games many of us grew with while playing them at school, at the library, at a nearby games parlor or at our homes.

Since you are here reading this one or more of them might hold a special place in your heart hence I use this opportunity to relive those golden (but not so olden !) days .

Galaxian – one of the first hit PC games

Remember shooting ET baddies with laser shots from your spaceship? I still remember the days back in my school around 1988-89 when I was in 2nd grade and we used to fight for who would play the next round.

Some screenshots of the game Galaxian are as below. There are many versions of the game available..

Below are the links from where you can download and enjoy the game. This game has minimal system requirements.

Pacman, Solitaire and Pinball

Playing the whole day long who would forget evading the 4 bots inky, blinky, pinky and clyde. And capturing red cherries and making record scores in pacman trying to keep our name above others In the highest scores column..

So get ready to pile on the scores again.

The game has minimal system requirements..Below are the link from where
you can access the game.

Use the four keys – up, down, left and right to hit the ball into submission in
pinball and yes of course after launching it with the spacebar key.

Contra and Mario – The Classics

Probably we used to spend more time playing these addictive games than on any other activity.Who had the time for studies, soccer , movies and popcorn when we were busy pumping bullets into the enemies as we cleared levels after levels..
- This particular link can be used to download a version of contra, I believe you would need to run the simulator on the pc which actually runs the game. PC requirements are minimal..

Mario – had become a household name. There were more kids named Mario than ever before. This game was famous in all age groups..

You can download Mario forever from : PC requirements are minimal.

Doom, Blood, Duke nukem 3D , Shadow warrior

The period from 1997-1998 saw first person shooter (FPS) games being introduced for the first time .These 4 were among the many hit games of it’s time as 3D games became more popular. This period also saw the introduction of multiplayer games. Needless to say FPS games both single player and multi-player are the pillars of modern gaming today.

Doom – The beginning of a series which gained more popularity with every addon and sequel introduced. This game was launched by id software under lead programmer John Carmack and Adrian Carmack who made a fortune. The 3D engine used in the game was used as the base platform for many games developed later.

Many online gaming tournaments were held where big cash prizes and even Ferrari cars were given away by none other than John Carmack himself who arguably can be called the father of 3D gaming.

This classic game can be downloaded through torrent or p2p software.

Blood – “I live again” – you say these words as you rise from the grave and start your revenge against mercenaries. Armed with a spade and few bundles of T.N.T.

One of the guns in the game was the flare gun, pictured above. The flare gun would fire a flare which flared up on impact, if you used the normal firing mode. But if you used the special mode, it would fire off a flare, and if you hit an opponent, it would stick to him, and ignite several seconds later. If your opponent wasn’t alert, you could easily put 4-5 flares on him, before he realized what was going on, and by then it would most likely be too late for him to do anything about it.

Another great weapon was the voodoo doll, with which you could hurt a nearby opponent without even hitting them – you would just jab a needle into the doll, and their health would just drop. It was great for using when you were being chased, as you could hurt your opponent while running away from him.

And a favorite weapon was the magical staff with a human skull on the top. When you hit an opponent with it, all the health points he lost, would be added to your own health, making it a great way to recover. But not only that, it was also a weapon that you could continue to use after you’ve run out of ammo, and in that case, it would use your health points as ammo. That meant that you could easily kill yourself by firing too much, but it also meant that as long as you hit with your shots, you would get back the health it cost you to fire it! What a great way to build a tradeoff mechanism into a FPS weapon.

Duke Nukem 3D : - prepare yourself for total meltdown

Screenshots of Duke Nukem 3D showing the game cd cover, the game menu screen, the player taking on enemies with missile launcher, a glock pistol and a shotgun.

Roadrash - the name itself brings a smile to the face. Bike racing was never so much fun before. Now you could even finish first even if you were trailing behind all for more than half the race. How ????? Not just by accelerating but by using a baseball bat or an iron chain on your opponents and even on the cops riding their motorbikes if they tried to chase you down. You could virtually box and kick them out of the race too. :-)

Screenshots of the game roadrash showing the game cd cover, the player trying to beat the cops on the bike by his baseball bat, the player has just thrashed another biker and finally the player trying to smash a rival biker with his iron chain.

Mortal kombat – versus fighting
Another popular game of its time MK as it was known belonged to the street fighting genre. Not much to say about this game except that probably you would require an 8 way joystick to control all the controls.

Tomb raider – The central character in Tomb Raider is the British archaeologist Lara Croft, a female adventurer in search of ancient treasures. The gameplay although smooth might get a touch annoying at times while trying to solve a puzzle.

Prince of persia 3D – one for the sword warrior
This has been another classic of its time. Released in 1999 this game was well received by kids and adults alike. Absorbing storyline, clever enemies(AI), good graphics and an eerie atmosphere made the game worth playing. Several versions have been released since.

Screenshots of the game prince of persia 3D showing the game cd cover, the prince swaying over a ledge fighting with a guard with his cutlass and the last pic where he is seen as crouching.

Cricket 97 , Fifa 98 , need for speed II and III - gave a new dimension to the world of gaming. For sports lovers this was simply “virtual reality “.
Now you could be Beckham, Zidane, Del Piero or Ronaldo and score against your arch rivals at your favorite stadium and also do away with a foul or two !!

Screenshots of Fifa 98 , “good for the game”.

Hit as many fours and sixes in the never ending innings in Cricket 97, remember Richie Benaud as the commentator ?

Screenshots of Cricket 97

Need for speed II and III

Ahhhhhhh this is a biggie.
Now you could zoom around at 200 miles/hr without any fear of being pulled over or getting crashed at the vegetable corner.
Remember fat cops chasing you in their corvettes and pulling you over in NFS3…… haha probably Electronic Arts (the games’ developer) thought – hey buddy take it easy, else get ticketed – by introducing NFS3 hot pursuit.

NFS II and NFS II special edition were amongst the first car racing games which probably trigerred the invention of the gaming steering wheel, the accelerator and the brake pedal joysticks.

This was a superb addition going along with the conventional x, y, z 360 degrees joystick.. Now the gamer could really have a feel of the car’s steering wheel and assume that he is actually racing on the circuit.

Undoubtedly the fastest car in the game was McLaren Mercedes. This game is highly recommended as well due to its simple control and smooth gameplay even today albeit several versions of Need for speed have been released after that .

Screenshots of the game need for speed II – special edition

Sharp graphics and finer details were the hallmarks of NFS3 apart from being an engrossing game in itself

Screen shots of NFS3 showing the game cd cover, a grey Ferrari being pulled over for overspeeding, a black Datsun being ticketed for rash driving and a still right from the driver’s cockpit. Notice the detailing of the car dashboard, you can virtually see the tachometer and the speedometer showing the exact reading. Simply awesome. The game’s theme music also rocked bigtime. Try and catch hold of the soundtrack Romulus from NFS 3 (or google it), it is incidentally my PDA’s ringtone music :-)

NBA Live 98 - “I love this game”, brought to you by Electronic Arts. Another hit by EA, this game also made its mark in the genre of sports. The 4 keys a, s , d and w along with the direction keys were used for basic movement, ball passing and shooting the ball.

Screenshots of the game NBA live 98 showing a player shooting the ball, a player with ball possession trying to get into the rival team’s D, a player in a tussle with the opponent and on the last pic a player has just scored for his team .

These games can be downloaded from a torrent or via a p2p software.

Quake series and Hexen series - one of my personal favorites

These FPS games with vastly improved graphics, audio quality and gameplay grew popular over their predecessors in no time. Play in hard mode and you will sweat it out. Play in nightmare and you are history.

Above the Screenshots of the game Quake, showing the cd cover, the player taking on some zombies and an ogre and the introduction screen right at the starting of the game.

Screenshots of the legendary game Quake II showing the famed Quake II symbol on the cd cover, the commander taking on a strogg with the deadly rail gun, the player battling it out against the tank commander with an hyperblaster and on the last pic showing the player using the realistic machine gun aiming for a jump to grab the armor. is one site recommended for online multiplayer gaming. At one point I was so obsessed with quake II that I even painted the quake II logo in large on the back of one of my grey coloured sweatshirts with black and green sketch pens, following it up with a small cute icon on the front left wide of the round necked sweatshirt giving staunch competition to Lacoste’s crocodile :-)

Hexen II - probably the most graphically advanced game of its time. It also used the Quake engine. This game also had its critics because of the difficult puzzles and mysteries to solve in order to progress across the hubs. The game is all about freeing the world from the tyranny of Eidolon, the last of the serpent riders. You take on his legion of armies and bad generals either as the Paladin, Necromancer, Assasin, Crusader and the Demoness.

Screenshots showing the game cd cover, paladin taking on an ice imp with the mighty weapon purifier, demoness shooting a stream of fire at a horsesacker, and the necromancer bombarding the general death by his magic missiles.

Screenshots showing the paladin in the world of thysis wielding the double bladed axe, necromancer in 1 on 1 with a mummy general, paladin taking on eidolon himself with his vorpal sword and finally the crusader attacking eidolon with his ice mace forming a snow blizzard around him. This engrossing game although more than 10 years old is highly recommended by me. It’s been around 12 years when I first played this game and still it rocks big time even in the age of highly advanced interactive FPS. This game can be downloaded from a torrent and best enjoyed without the cheats codes and walkthroughs :-)

Half life series - brought to you by Valve.
This epic is inarguably one of the biggest contributers and one of the strongest reasons for pc gaming’s continued existence even today. The only criticism that modern FPS can draw today is perhaps the lack of the fun part of it as much of the games today strive for realism.

However talking about half life this game is right up there and holds it own as one of the best game series ever developed. The game has won many awards and accolades including the game of the year in 1998. Half life includes interactive gameplay with a number of high tech weapons and gizmos, variety of enemies and well designed levels. The player can now interact with other characters in the game be it the scientists or Fellow soldiers and also team up with them in order to solve a puzzle, open a door or clear a level.

The game being an instant hit set the trend for many sequels , addons and episodes which were hits in itself.

The famous lambda logo depicting the cd cover of the game half life.

The game menu screen

Screenshots of half life depicting the player shooting from a machine gun, the player trying to get the better of the opposing force with the help of the shotgun, the player using an M – 16 rifle on the big thermo-nuclear baddie and on the last pic showing the character gordon freeman using the base weapon the crowbar as he makes his way through the game.

Follow up games like half life – opposing force, blue shift were equally interesting with new set up weapons and few more different variety of foes.

Screenshots from the game half life opposing force showing the weapons; ranging from melee attacks to higher firepower.

Delta force 2 – Brought to you by Novalogic

“Bravo, this is king 6”
“Now for some serious business sergeant, you need to clear out that bunker over there and secure the oil field”.
“Roger that”.

Always wanted to be a soldier but never got the chance ……. Now you can. Play all the games of delta force series 7-8 of them and be a proud green beret.

Did we miss out something …….. ahhhh yess who wants to be a king ?????

Age of empires – by Microsoft games

Play the game, create an empire, build that mighty castle and load the battlefield with paladins, archers, war elephants and trebuchets as you go all out to defeat your opponents.

Screenshots of the game age of empires

This was a “small” flashback into some of the memorable pc games. Happy gaming :-)

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