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We just went past yet another republic day. Infact the 60th. As kids it used to be a holiday. Just another holiday to look forward to. One of the days you could mark on the calendar and make plans. You could plan a cricket match or decide to do some serious reading (Famous Five/Secret Seven variety mostly ) or just gorge on some of mom’s delicacies. There was no thought given to the significance of the day or trying to understand why we had a holiday.

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Global Warming

Global warming is an increase in earth’s temperature due to burning of fossil fuels, industrial, and agricultural processes caused by human and natural causes as well as gas emissions.

This results in an increased emission of greenhouse gases. Click here..

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Tiger Tiger burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye.
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
The above lines happen to be an excerpt from the famous poem by William Blake – ‘ The Tiger ‘. He’s literally burning so to speak.    Click here..

One more Indian student killed in Australia.Though several attacks upon Indian students have already taken place during 2008 and 2009; yet the Australian government did not pay any attention towards this matter – guess that’s why another Indian student has been stabbed to death this time.Is it the Australian government and adminstration at fault ?

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In what has been described as an attempt to lure the “experienced Delhi traveller’’ to try out US brand Haagen-Dazs, the icecream company ended up with an offensive campaign that restricted its invitation at a Saket mall to holders of international passports.

Anindo Mukherjee, director, Haagen-Dazs, admitted that while there was no intention of hurting sentiments, the slogan was probably not ‘‘highly appropriate”. It did leave a bitter taste in the mouth

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Wanted !!

What qualities do we want to see in our nation’s leaders.

Think HARD what makes a good leader and what not and then post please !!

Please post the qualities you desire – HERE

Got an Itch?

Well not literally.. of course not ! How does it matter to anyone if you have an itch or not.. after all it’s your itch ..What I mean here is do you have the ‘itch’ which you had years ago ?The Itch List is endless.. only restricted by your thoughts..  I wonder how many of us genuinely try to give some time to ourselves and be selfish to realize and live these small dreams .. Do we even think these are worth the effort ?I go back to myself at times and cross off items from my itch list .. what about you? What’s your itch.. and is it still in the itch list? Or have you….?????????  Thoughts, Inputs & Comments welcome..

Sachin Vs Thakre OR India Vs Idiots

Greatest man in world cricket has completed 20 years of a marvellous career. Is this how he is rewarded?

He says he plays for his country and politicos find a reason to hold him against it?
Where are You Mr Prime Minister / Ms. President?  Comments welcome

Driving Safe in Delhi & Around ?

They say – “one who can drive in Delhi can drive anywhere in the world”.. but is this the way we drive? Aren’t parents equally to blame for underage kids behind wheels?What do you have to say ? Comments?

Pakistan’s interior minister Mr. Rehman Malik has been continuously accusing India of sponsoring/aiding terrorists in Pakistan.

Is it Pakistan’s last ditch effort to divert attention from itself (by blaming the victim) OR is there any truth?Read the complete Story - http://tinyurl/indiasponsoredterroristsWhat do you have to say ?

9 November 2009..

Talli (Hic !)

Talli – Well most of us know what the word means, and if you are thinking this is a Hindi term you are mistaken.
Talli is born, bred and brought up Punjabi. The word means “Drunk”.Though as Shakespeare said “what’s in a name?” be it ‘talli’, ‘tunn’, ‘drunk’, ‘madua’, [Nationally] or bu, drunken, ólta [Internationally]; we feel at the top of the world, fearless, sportive, rocking and in control.. 8 November 2009..

Common Man Or Cattle ?

PM ‘regrets’ PGI death (due to delay caused by his security cover in Chandigarh)- Is this enough ? Is the situation actually going to improve? When is common man’s life going to find precedence over a politician’s meeting? Isn’t it high time these politicos understand the importance of human life?

I don’t recollect any politico’s relative dying like this.. sad .. just too sad..Read the complete Story @ http://tinyurl.com/commonman-or-cattle

What do you have to say ?

5 November 2009..

Vande Matram – un-Islamic ?

Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind has called the song marking India’s independence struggle ‘Vande Matram` as un-Islamic!

Isn’t it time we moved ahead and thought of how to get India to the next level instead of fighting on baseless/fruitless things like these?What do you have to say?

3 November 2009..

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