Hey friends I hope you still remember me!!! Well this is Gourab here again. Last time we went to Agra, but this time let me take you for a tour to South India, what say???

Usually you would think that South India is famous for idli and dosa, but you are actually missing the scenic beauty which South India has. This time let me take you to Kodaikanal.

Name sounds something different right?? But when you see the pictures you will see the real paradise on earth.

Usually we get set and go on our bikes (as we did in our trip to Agra) but this time things changed and we boarded the state bus – “Rajhamsa”.

Me and my gang were the tourists this time i.e., DX Gang “U want some come get some”.

Let me introduce my gang members (from the left) Ayub, Umesh, myself (Gourab), KP(Krishna Prasad) and Roopesh.

We started on Friday at 2030 hrs and after a jolly ride for 3 hrs the bus came to a halt – it was time to fill our tummies. Poor us, could not help it – need to say coz the hotel where we stopped was horrible – now you know why I said poor us :-( . Whatever food we ordered from the menu – the waiter would go to the kitchen, come back and say in tamil (because that is the language used more) – “Illa sir murindhi poichi” – (No sir this one is over)!!

With empty tummies we went in the bus and slept – in the morning we were feeling too cold and realized that we are in the outskirts of Kodai. Again the bus halted for breakfast early at 0600 hrs where we found no snacks apart from tea and coffee.

You should have seen my friends’ faces – especially Roopesh and KP. Luckily a small stall was open and we had some biscuits. You can see how happy Umesh is eating. LOL!!!

Day 1

So finally we reached our destination “Kodaikanal” – As with any tourist spot, here also there were guides jumping and ready to offer the best price. We got a guide and he took us to a few hotels. These were not worth for the price they charged (as they were two bed or single bed rooms). Finally, as we were 5 we managed to get accommodation in a SBI guest house – what we call in Delhi – a perfect “Jugaad”. We got some nice packages here as well and we struck a good deal.

Later on, we got ready and had some nice breakfast. We started to explore Kodai -destination was Kodai lake where we took some bicycles for Rs.10 and 20 depending on their condition. We took a cycle ride around the lake and then went to La Saleth Church (100 years old !). Pambar falls was next – where the water was like ice flowing down and it was too slippery coz of the dew. After that we continued to Mountain beauty, Eco point and Dolpin nose. Once we reached there we felt that clouds were over us – it was so foggy and cold moreover filled with mist all over.

It was getting dark and too chilly. Later we advised the driver to drop us near a restaurant to have some good hot stuff as from morning whatever food we ordered became cold within minutes. We went to the market to buy some dark chocolates as kodai is again famous for home made chocolates, tea and eucalyptus oil. Tummies were filled and it was nap time baby!!!

Day 2

Got up early in the morning and we were all ready for the mini bus that would come for a jolly ride. The places we covered were too good but many today – the first was the Coacker’s walk (have no idea why it’s named that way) where we were unable to see anything as everything was covered with fog. We then visited Green valley view – it was nothing but the top view of the Kodai city.

Later on, we went towards the Pine forest which is famous for many Bollywood and Tollywood movie shootings. And in that our Roopesh tried and learnt the art of Chinese photography. LOL!!!From there we headed toward Moier point which is famous for Leeches. I told my DX gang to be careful and unfortunately one of them bit me only :-( !! And I realized that when I was on my way to Bangalore later in the night. Poor Me!!!

It was almost afternoon and we went to Shanthi valley view where once tribal people used to live. It was time for some homely food so the driver took us to a restaurant – here they also organize trekking from Kodaikanal to Munnar which is again a hilly area in Kerala.

Tummies filled now and some more places left to see – it was Pillar Rocks and then it was Devil’s kitchen (Guna caves). It was a bit scary coz it had roughly 50-60 caves with each one about 500 feet deep. Long back people were allowed insided the caves but not now .. after some deaths..

After sometime we realized that we were getting late as the bus to home was at 180 0hrs and it was already 1700 hrs. We were first supposed to go to the guest house and then to the terminus. However it started raining. We were just telling the driver “Seegro pongo saar” (Drive fast Sir)!!!

Thank God we did not miss the bus and as it was late. Near midnight there was a traffic jam on the highway due to some pile up.

Nevertheless DX Rocks so “U want some come get some”.

Points to remember:

1. Carry warm clothes whichever may be the season you visit.
2. Try to take some friend who knows local language or else your gone for a toss in terms of packages.
3. Try to find lodging for yourself and they only will help you in terms of touring.
4. Buy chocolates and stuff only from well known shops after you enquire from the hotel or else Govt. shops if not instead of chocolate you will get cocoa powder.
5. Try with jelly filled chocolate that will be too good.
6. Rest you can contact me and I will guide you :-)

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