The TV networks have been bustling with reality shows these days! And even though I do not consider myself a fan of such shows, I do get addicted to some of them once in a while.

My latest crush was with “Raaz pichle janam ka”! How true or effective it is, or how fake it is… only the participants can tell us! But it did keep my mind occupied with the thought and contemplation, if I should go and find out my ‘raaz of pichle janam’ !

Anyway, the other show that has caught my fancy these days is this show called “Emotional Atyachar”! Oh yeah! For those of you who haven’t heard about it or seen the show, let me give you a little insight here. It’s a series where people in relationships are asking the program to conduct a “loyalty test” on their partner, to see if their respective partners are really LOYAL to them.

It was pretty interesting at first to see people being caught “red-handed” while at it !! But after a few episodes….after some sad stories and some nasty fights…I am not so sure anymore if it is the right medium to test your partner’s loyalty. I think it’s sordidly insane for anyone to have a loyalty test conducted on their partner and to top it all, be aired on national TV !!!

The underlying currents…or rather message here is… are we really so obsessed with our partner’s faithfulness?

My instant reaction to this was, “Of course men ALWAYS want to know !!!” But on second thoughts I don’t think that’s the case! The obsession definitely lies with both men and women.. maybe more with women! I don’t blame them though! Since time immemorial, men have always had their share of fun and frolic every time they wanted some excitement in life while the poor wife was left managing the home and kids and waiting for the husband for the rest of her life! All that she could do then, being behind the four walls, was let her imagination run wild!
But times have changed, people have changed, our social taboos have come off age …which is why we have seen the women folk come out from behind the four walls and into the mainstream!

But have the RULES changed?

More thoughts on this in the next episode…err….edition!! ciao… :-)

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