Screeching tyres, grunting engines, fuel costs, exteriors, interiors etc etc.. Cars are all these and much more….  some enthusiasts have driven the hottest wheels around the globe.This section is about the machines which make your heart skip a beat. No these are not in dreams but some real road cars as well. If you wish to share your experience with your machine or have some thoughts on these in mind feel free to write to me at
Porsche 911 – Inside Out – By Royston

The Bucket List. To be honest I never really gave the term much thought until I saw the preview of the movie made popular by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. While I don’t have a list per se, I knew that the one thing I had to do in this lifetime was drive a Porsche in its purest form, on public roads, in its own backyard – with the only limit being my own skill and nerves.

The only place to do this (legally) for a guy from Canada would be Germany, on the famed Autobahn. Read on..

Hot Diesel Hatches in India – By Abhishek

Hi I’m Abhishek – a car freak.

There is lots of activity in the Indian diesel hatch segment and the consumer is now flooded with choices, making it even more difficult to choose that perfect car.

I’ve test driven a few – here’s the review ! Read on..

1-N-2345 – By Chirag

If you’ve not been able to guess so far – “1-N-2345″ – well this is the gear shift in most bikes ! Lol !

Check out the coming future of Indian biking the way I see it.

Read on..

Auto Expo 2010, New Delhi (India)

What an experience. Dipayan & I went to the show and boy was it worth?

You bet.. Check out !!

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