And you thought is all about fiction, spirituality blah blah ?? Nah, we have some technology freaks as well.. It’s a different world in itself.. hard to explain to the Cloud 9 folks ! But here’s an attempt ! :)

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Gadgets Guru – Sashikant Mohapatra

Did I hear anyone say Gadgets !!!

Oh yes, finally I am sitting down to pen some of my thoughts on what’s new, what you should go for, how it works and why is it the best.
Not that I am too busy but yeah when it comes to gadgets you can just go ga…ga… on everything and anything that’s on its way. Technology can be boring if you don’t know how to use it and what’s it for..

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Games People Play – Manoj Roy

This one is for the gamers – Computers are an integral part of our lives, whenever we talk about computers, often theres a mention of computer games

We look back at some of the games many of us grew with while playing them at school, at the library, at a nearby games parlor or at our homes.

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Gadgets Gal – Nishidha Wadhwa
Hi I’m Nishidha and here’s an attempt at something guys feel they know best – gadgets !

From “I” to “Ipod”

For quite a few years I had been noticing a new genre of people, those who could be found at bus stops, metros, autos, flights, trains, malls.

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